Wonderchef Hard Anodized Large Tadka Pan 10cm Black

$19.84 each
  • Highly Durable - The excellent chemical properties of anodised aluminium make it sturdy and long lasting. The surface being much harder than steel, is durable and resistant to chips and cracks.
  • Faster & Even Cooking - Aluminium provides excellent heat conductivity, which makes for an evenly heated surface, thus resulting in faster cooking.
  • Environment Friendly - Hard Anodized cookware is non-toxic and does not release any destructive by- products or chemicals.
  • Contemporary design - The handsome dark finish with riveted handles and elegant curves, makes it look attractive as well as functional.
  • Metal spatula friendly - With a thick exterior coating, anodised aluminium provides colour stability and a metallic finish which does not wear off easily.
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