Wonderchef Everest Aluminium Sauce Pan with Lid 2.85 Litres/18cm - Purple

$34.99 each

all pans, when you need to cook in large quantity! Wonderchef Everest Individual Pans are specially designed in tall architecture to give you maximum volume while cooking. Ideal pans for complete nutritious meals for the family. Not only are these highly practical, they look fabulous too.

  • These are taller than ordinary pans and are designed to allow better simmering of food, this protects nutrients with slow cooking of food at lower temperature
  • PFOA-free high quality non-stick coating
  • Shape of the pans promote convection currents that regulate heat and draw out flavor while preventing excess evaporation
  • Well-suited for boiling large quantity of water when blanching vegetables or cooking gravies
  • Reliable Wonderchef warranty
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