Wonderchef Reva 4mm Flat Dosa Tawa 33cm Blue/ Black

$49.99 each

Wonderchef Reva is India’s most-loved Dosa Tawa. Tough and durable with ergonomic handles, this is a companion for life! Fluffy authentic dosas are an easy recipe at home now.

• Make bigger sized dosas, paratha, uttapam and crepes for special gatherings at home • Flat base ensures stability on the gas burner. It also ensures the batter spreads evenly • Made from Pure Grade Virgin Aluminium - 9 times better conductor of heat, saves time & energy • 4mm thickness ensures heat retention for perfect, crispy dosas • Tested 10000+ cycles for abrasion resistance • 3 rivets for strong grip • Health-friendly, professional grade C3+ non-stick coating from Greblon, Germany - global leader in non-stick technology • Gas & Electric hob friendly • Reliable Wonderchef warranty, T&C Apply- 30cm diameter

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