Wonderchef Royal Velvet Aliminium Dosa Tawa 30cm -Purple

$38.99 each

Add the colour of royalty to your kitchen. Wonderchef Royal Velvet Dosa Tawa in purple enhances creativity and adds a touch of sophistication. Beautifully designed nonstick pan with marble coating inside and a vibrant colour outside, complement the entire look.

  • Made with pure grade virgin aluminium for quick and even heat distribution
  • 100% PFOA free, heavy metal and nickel free for your safety
  • Strong and long lasting with 43 micron thickness
  • Health-friendly 5 layer Meta Tuff non-stick coating for daily use
  • Ergonomically designed soft touch handles and knob that do not heat up during cooking
  • Suitable for use on gas stove, ceramic plate, hob, hot plate and induction plate
  • Inspired by Italian design and adhere to German quality standards
  • Reliable Wonderchef Warranty 1 years
  • For more information visit - https://youtu.be/fPl1WO1qDcA
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