Wonderchef Austin Mini Stainless Steel Serving Casserole with Lid 0.85 Litres/17cm Silver

$25.99 each
  • Serve Puris, Parathas, Idlis, Rice, Soups, Pasta and Curries as well
  • Rust and corrosion resistant stainless steel with insulation keeps food fresh even after hours
  • Coaster at the bottom prevents the Rotis from sticking to the casserole and turning soggy
  • Dome-shaped glass lid makes the vapour slide down on the walls instead of dripping on the Rotis
  • Sleek and mirror finish body adds beauty to your kitchen
  • Reliable Wonderchef warranty, T&C Apply
  • Do not keep in oven or microwave
  • Do not place on gas
  • Keep away from children as contents may be hot
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